a live earth - peoples' concerts for a climate in crisis

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This is an experiment and we have no idea how it will go or what willhappen.This is your project too – all we’ve done is to get it rolling- so here are five ideas for how you can help.

1. Upload yourperformance to the Alive Earth YouTube Group.

2. Tell people about Alive Earth

Tell everyone you know about Alive Earth. Here’s some text you can put in your e-mails:

I’m a fan of Alive Earth, the alternative online music event to demand global action on climate change. The project belongs to everyone- anyone can contribute a performance related to climate change and all the visitors will decide the final line up on 7-7-07 www.alive_earth.org,

3.  Join our e-mail list

Our e-mail list will keep you informed about Alive Earth and how it is going. After 7-7-07 it will send a final e-mail with details about the performers, a list of suggestions for the personal action that you can take, and contact details for groups you can join. We will not send you spam about other projects and we guarantee that your e-mail contacts will never be made available to anyone else. Link to join our e-mail list.

4.  Put a button on your website

Our 10k Alive Earth buttons can be downloaded here.

5.  Become a ‘supporting’ organisation

We want to build partnerships with as many progressive organisations as possible. All we ask for a supporting organisation is that it promotes Alive Earth on its website and too its member/networks. We will list all our supporters on the website and in our mailings (including the final mailing ‘what you can do’).

6.  Donate to Alive Earth

We are a small and underfunded organisation. We are very grateful to Artists Project Earth for a starting donation, but really need more funds for this project. You can make a donation on the web, or send us a cheque.