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climate outreach information network

We are the Climate Outreach Information Network, a small UK based non profit organisation that engages the public about climate change. Our work is based around a single fundamental principal: that people will not change when they are told what to do: they need to feel supported and personally involved.

We love the idea of using music to build awareness of climate change – we have organized many such events ourselves. So we welcome the Live Earth concerts and think that they will reach many new people.

But we also have misgivings about the effectiveness of these large concerts to generate real personal engagement with climate change. When big stars are involved all of the attention tends to be on them and their lifestyles. The message will get squeezed into short rants in between the songs, which, let’s face it, will have little do with climate change.

People will get excited by seeing their favourite acts and may learn that climate change is a problem. But will they feel challenged. Will they feel angry. Will they feel involved in a global movement against climate change? We are less sure.

During the Vietnam era there were peace concerts that achieved all these things because the artists were utterly committed to the peace movement and all the music spoke of their anger, hopes and fears. Their music was not an advertisement for the peace movement- it was its soundtrack.

So we thought it would be fun to run the kind of concert we would like to see on climate change. Anyone can contribute, everything speaks to the issue, and the audience can decide on the final line up.

Some of the material will be great. Some will be awful! All of it will come from the heart and will inspire people to express themselves and, we hope, get involved in the struggle against climate change.

This is an experiment and we have no idea how it will go or what will happen. This project has not been authorized or approved by Live Earth, though we wish them every success.

This really is your project too – all we’ve done is to get it rolling. If you like the idea tell other people about it and post up your own material.

Please do get involved. 

You can contact us at:

Climate Outreach Information Network
16B Cherwell St.,
Oxford OX4 1BG UK
Email: info@coinet.org.uk

Telephone: 01865 241 097– within UK 44 1865 241 097 outside