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latest a live earth newsWelcome to Alive Earth. First up, a real-time, Mancunian inversion of Live Earth, a Climate Camp fundraiser special! GARDEN CITY SOCIAL..PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS FAR AND WIDE!! MY SPACE/FACE BOOK/LISTS..GET POSTING!

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These are the final performances for the grassroots alternative to 'Live Earth'.

1. Seize the Day - Flying

2. Pax Afro - Working under the Mine

3. David Rovics - What if you knew


4. Jeffrey Lewis Global Warming Para Song
5. Lotus Eaters
6. Dancing Butterflies - Lets Save Our Environment
7. Adam Hollingsworth - Last Stand
8. Frosty the Snowman
9. Les Cowboys Fringants - Plus Rien
10. Rise Against - Ready to Fall

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